10 Best Sell on Amazon Marketplace Apps Found on Shopify

There are hundreds of great Shopify apps that help you sell on Amazon marketplace. The truth is you can’t use all of them.

You need to find the ones that best suit your business and your products.

We’ve picked the best free and premium sell on Amazon apps to help you add and promote your products on the world’s largest marketplace.

1. Spreadr App

Spreadr App Amazon is an app designed by Thalia to help dropship Amazon products. This app is also great for affiliate commissions. When using Spreadr, you can expand your store and grow your business.

You can import any products from over a million products available on Amazon which can complement your product catalog and make your store more valuable.

The elegance and richness of the products will make old buyers come back. After importing products to your store, you can modify the title and description and create more pages with better descriptions which will lead to increased organic traffic and better SEO.

You can use the app to transform Amazon as your own dropshipping source. You can collect orders on your Shopify store and fulfill the orders later.

2. Amazon Channel

Amazon is the largest and one of the most popular marketplaces in the world. It is a good place to start selling your products. There is a huge amount of users, sellers, and buyers making it an excellent source to attract new customers.

In order to keep track and manage all products in stock, you will need the Amazon channel.

With this app, you can not only create Amazon listings for the Shopify products, but you can also help you add brands without EAN and UPC and track sales using Analytics pages and Home sales overview.

3. ByteStand

Produced by the ByteStand team, this app is an excellent selling tool for all Shopify store owners to reduce the workload by syncing your inventory.

With this app, you are allowed to pull your Amazon inventory to your Shopify store without any manual work.

Any charges will be included in your invoice from Shopify as they bill through Shopify.

You may be asked for several identifying information about your Amazon account when you first set up the application. Once you’ll complete this step, you are allowed to synchronize your inventory with just one click.

4. Login with Amazon

Login with Amazon is a great app which was designed to allow customers who have an Amazon account to log in to visit your Shopify store. This app helps you simplify sign-in, as well as, registration for your customers which would lead to an improvement in order conversion and engagement in your store.

You will be able to reach more customers as this app can be used in regions such as US, Canada, UK, Japan, China, and etc.

When using this app, you can also require your buyers to provide information such as their name, shipping address, email address, and access to their wallet to simplify payments.

5. Codisto LINQ

Codisto LINQ is an app that helps you sell products on Amazon and eBay from your Shopify store. This app has great features that can help you integrate with eBay and Amazon quickly and effectively.

You can connect and offer your products for sale on over 40 markets. You can link Shopify to Amazon Australia, UK, Japan, France or Spain. You can list groups of products, individual products or your entire product catalog.

6. FBA Shipping

FBA Shipping is designed by ByteSTand and is a well-known app for Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon program) in the USA.

FBA Shipping allows you to integrate your Amazon account to the Shopify store and automates the fulfillment process. The app offers real-time shipping quotes from FBA to its customers.

After installation, the orders will be automatically sent and immediately fulfilled by the Amazon FBA.

7. Amazon Customer Reviews

Besides provided images and price, customers’ feedback is an important element which could reveal the quality of products. The reviews could also impact the buyer’s decision.

We recommend to all Shopify sellers to download Amazon Customer Reviews app, used to display valuable reviews from your previous satisfied buyers. Your reviews will be updated immediately.

This can help you improve marketing and it is also a good way to increase sales.


We are delighted with the customer service which, although not via telephone, is very fast and concise.
Chris Jones

8. Buy Now Button

Comparing pricing is an essential step of the decision-making process.

Buy Now app is here to help you find out the best way to improve customer’s experience and boost your sales.

Designed as buttons, each of them can link to your Walmart & Jet, eBay or Amazon listings. By installing the app, you will allow your customers to make their own choices of buying channel and what is even more important – all products will be seen as yours.

You can customize the design of the button.

9. Linksis Amazon Importer

Linksis Amazon Importer is an app designed by NobiTech. The app allows you to import products from Amazon pages. It eliminates the headaches about product quality and shipping by turning you to a business partnership with Amazon’s suppliers and then dropshipping your products.

When using this app, you can increase your sales and revenues.

Linksis updates and syncs the product information including product image, inventory count, product details, and etc.

10. Ship by Amazon FBA

Ship by Amazon FBA is an app designed by WeeBee. The app helps you integrate your Shopify storefront to Amazon FBA cost-effectively, simply, and efficiently.

Ship by Amazon offers various features – you can sell your products on Shopify and ship your orders through Amazon FBA, track updates for inventory, map the SKUs on Amazon to Shopify, and much more.

These 10 apps are ranked based on criteria:

  • The app’s rank on search engines
  • The ratings on Shopify App Store
  • The app provider’s status and reputation
  • The features and prices
  • Social media metrics such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google +

We hope you will find the best app to sell on Amazon.

Good luck!

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